EBM & X-Ray Sterilization

Currently a sterilization facility using EBM-XRay is being developed. With this new technology, radiation source becomes unnecessary. Therefore, it’s secure, reduce the risk of radiation exposure, and resulted in more optimal irradiation output compared to the old technology using Co-60 radioisotope. Our sterilization services will be ready to operate in 2018, Please contact us for more information or partnership.

Daily production (24 hours) is roughly estimated as below, actual production may vary due to different package size, density, and required dose.

Product Dose (KGy) Density (g/cm3) Daily Production Unit Remark
Fresh Fruit and
1-2 0.079~0.119 48-72 Ton X-Ray
Herbal 3-6 0.7 40-80 Ton X-Ray
Medical Product 10-25 0.1-0.3 48 M3 X-Ray
Medical Product 1-25 0.1-0.3 560 M3 Electron
Spice 5-10 0.7 24-48 Ton X-Ray
Spice 5-10 0.7 57 Ton Electron
Starch 4 0.8 64 Ton X-Ray
Iced Sea Food 4 1 64 Ton X-Ray
Pet Food 6-10 0.1-0.5 20-45 Ton X-Ray