Using E-Beam and X-Ray Sterilization we provide sterilization service without using chemicals and internationally standardized

It's a Solution, It's a Sterilization

Ensterna is the First Pioneer in Indonesia Commercial Sterilization Service Using E-Beam and X-ray.

With this new technology, radiation source becomes unnecessary. Therefore, it’s secure, reduce the risk of radiation exposure, and resulted in more optimal irradiation output compared to the old technology using Co-60 radioisotope. Our sterilization services ready to accept commercial order.

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Our Services

Sterilization of Foods & Herbs Products

Low Sterilization Dose: ≤ 1 kGy, Intended use for for phytosanitary treatment (to eliminates insects and pests) and shelf life extension
Effective for fresh fruit and vegetables
Medium Sterilization Dose: 1-10 kGy
Intended use to control pathogens, reduce microbes and to improve shelf life extension
Effective for fish, spices, dried herbs, dried fruits, dried vegetables, seasoning, meat, poultry, and cereal.

Our Services

Sterilization of Cosmetic Product

Intended use for product sterility

Effective for raw material of cosmetic, false eyelashes, beauty face mask, brush makeup, foundation, body scrub, natural extract of cosmetics and etc

Our Services

Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Product

Intended use for product sterility

Effective for Drug Containers, Syringes, Bandages, Tracheostomy Care Kits, Sponges, Woven – non Goods, eye ointment, acupuncture needless

Our Services

Material Modification

Effective for polymerization, crosslinking of thermoplastic, crosslinking of natural latex, gemstone coloring, chitosan chain scisioning, etc

Why Choose Us

High Penetration Process

Electron beam has a high dose rate to make the process work faster. E-beam can even be used on sensitive products such as pharmaceutical and tissue products.

Safe Process

Chemical free and No temperature changes significantly. There are no radioactive sources

Efficient Process

High Capacity up to 70 tons/day for Product Sterilization

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