Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) Radioisotope

Molybdenum-99 is used to manufacture technetium-99m generators. Technetium-99m is the most widely used isotope in nuclear medicine. Technetium-99m’s short half-life of 6 hours and the energy emitted (140 keV) make it an ideal imaging agent.

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Quality Control

Chemical Form : Na299MoO4 in 0.2M NaOH
Activity Concentration : 1110 mCi/ml
41.07 Gbq/ml
Specific Activity : 377.4 Ci/g
Radiochemical purity : 97.3% as 99MoO
Radionuclides impurity : I-131        : 0.0022 µCi/mCi Mo-99

Ru-103    : 0 µCi/mCi Mo-99

Sr-89       : 0 µCi/mCi Mo-99

Sr-90      : 0 µCi/mCi Mo-99

Other gamma detected 0.0022 µCi/mCi Mo-99

alpha contamination 6.5 x 10-7 µCi/mCi Mo-99

pH : 7-14
Colour and appearance : clear, colourless or almost colourless