ENSTERNA Visitation to Missouri

ENSTERNA reveals their commitment on Mo-99 business. Last month August 25th-26th, ENSTERNA conducted visitation to Missouri for some agenda related to Mo-99 business. ENSTERNA team met the North West Medical Isotope (NWMI) and Missouri University Research Reactor (MURR) team. They are currently working on cooperation to build radioisotope production facility for commercial.  NWMI is a company that intend to provide a domestic, secure, and reliable supply of Mo-99 for medical diagnostics in order to eliminating potential shortages of Mo-99.

On the fisrt of visitation, ENSTERNA had a meeting with NMWI and MURR team in the Missouri Innovation Center Building. They discussed quite long, ranging from business to technical and technology of radioisotope production, which to be built. The radioisotope facility will be built in the Discovery Ridge University of Missouri area 6 miles away from the reactor site, where the target irradiation process will be conducted.

On the second day visit, ENSTERNA team had an opportunity to take a look MURR directly. They were given the opportunity to see first hand the operation of MURR. This survey gave a very good impression for the ENSTERNA team. Although MURR is an old reactor, it is well maintained and utilized to the utmost.

ENSTERNA hopes this cooperation going well and provide great benefits to all parties. As a company engaged in the nuclear field, ENSTERNA commits to do research and business by utilizing nuclear energy for peaceful and humanitarian purposes.

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