Detik Finance: KEIN Propose Indonesia to take advantage of Thorium as an Alternative Cheap Energy

Jakarta – National Economic and Industry Committee (KEIN) proposes the utilization of thorium as an alternative energy in the country. By utilizing thorium, the dependence on fossil-based energy can diminish.

Moreover, fossil-based energy reserves such as petroleum are running low. So it needs another alternative energy.

“Currently, the working group examines various EBT or thorium into nuclear energy,” said Chairman of KEIN Industry and Mineral Resources Industry Laboratory, Zulnahar Usman at Pullman Hotel, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (13/6/2017).

Zulnahar added, by utilizing thorium as a fuel, power plant can reduce the cost of electricity production. Thorium is one type of nuclear in addition to uranium, but the radioactive waste produced is much lower than uranium.

“Thorium is incredible, if counting non-subsidized TDL as much as Rp 1.467.28 means how many cents with currency now may be more than 10-11 cents.If our calculations that going to thorium fuel is no more than 3-4 cents, we must push it,” said Zulnahar.
KEIN encourages governments to seriously review the utilization of thorium as an energy alternative. Because in last year (2016) the National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) estimates there are about 210,000-280,000 tons of thorium stored in the bowels of Indonesia.

“So the government who have interests in this case should support thorium because it has great sources,” lid Zulnahar.

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