Estimated world thorium resources

There is no international or standard classification for thorium resources and identified Th resources do not have the same meaning in terms of classification as identified U resources. Thorium is not a primary exploration target and resources are estimated in relation to uranium and rare earths resources.
Source: OECD NEA & IAEA, Uranium 2014: Resources, Production and Demand (‘Red Book’)1, using the lower figures of any range.


Country Tonnes
India 846,000
Brazil 632,000
Australia 595,000
USA 595,000
Egypt 380,000
Turkey 374,000
Venezuela 300,000
Canada 172,000
Russia 155,000
South Africa 148,000
China 100,000
Norway 87,000
Greenland 86,000
Finland 60,000
Sweden 50,000
Kazakhstan 50,000
Other countries 1,725,000
World total 6,355,000

Monazite is extracted in India, Brazil, Vietnam and Malaysia, probably less than 10,000 t/yr, but without commercial rare earth recovery, thorium production is not economic at present. Chinese production is unknown. The 2014 ‘Red Book’ suggests that extraction of thorium as a by-product of rare earth elements (REE) recovery from monazite seems to be the most feasible source of thorium production at this time.

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